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Security vs. Resiliency July 22, 2009

Posted by dailyegg in 1.

Technocratic ideology does not sufficiently credence the existence of organic systems, including organic social systems, such as the arts, and therefore it tends to underplay the value of how those arts filter back into the larger society creating a nourishing substratum from which the larger ethical body of the population feeds. In other words, the current models of business and marketing ignore the larger organic efficacy of the arts in producing and sustaining a lively creative cultural energy, one necessary to create a strong resilient social body. Efficiency is fine, but a system geared to total obvious productive efficiencies actually creates deficits in the long-term productivity of the society. We need to encourage a more organic, holistic approach to the growth and sustenance of the larger economy: managerial instrumentalism, which looks efficacious from a purely quantitative point of view, is nonetheless too synthetic, too narrow in its measures and aims, to foster the resiliency required of a great society.
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